The mission of Illawong Little Athletics Centre is FAMILY FUN AND FITNESS. It is also to promote the sport of Track and Field Athletics for the benefit of participants no matter what level of skill.

Club Structure

Illawong Little Athletics Centre (ILAC) runs track andfield meets every Saturday at the Barden Ridge Athletics Track. It is a summer sport and starts in early September until early March so it runs for 6 months with a short break at Christmas.

ILAC caters for all children from the age of 3 (Tiny Tots, as long as they turn 4 by 31/12/2021) until the age of 17. Last season, 196 athletes were registered. It is run on a 2 week program where half of all track and field events are run 1 week and the other half, the second week. Athletes turn up at 12:20pm until events are run which typically ends at about 4:30pm.

Athletes from ILAC then have the opportunity to represent their club at the Zone Championships where they compete against other clubs from the Sutherland and St. George Shire as well as the Eastern Suburbs. If successful in these events, athletes then move to the Regional Championships and then State and National Championships.

Last season, 98 athletes from ILAC made it through to the Regional Championships and then 38 made it through to the State Championships which made ILAC very successful.

This season, ILAC will again be the hosts for the Region Championships to be held in January/early February 2022.


It was more a case of “If you build it, they will come. Prior to 1976 there were no sporting facilities available for children in the Illawong and Menai areas. At this time, not only was there no organised sport, there was no high school and only two public schools, one at Illawong with approximately 130 pupils, and one at Menai with approximately 30 children.

The Illawong School P&C Committee worked with the Education Department to install a small oval in the bush area behind the school. When the oval was finished, the P&C Committee called interested parties to a meeting in April 1976 to form a sports club. The newly formed Illawong Sports Club was instrumental in getting sporting clubs and facilities into this rapidly growing area, firstly a softball group and a netball group along with an existing gymnastic group. With the coming of the summer months, and with discussions with Little Athletics NSW, the first executive committee of Little Athletics was formed.

Fast forward 28 years, Sutherland Shire Council and Waste Service NSW drew up plans to redevelop the old tip site at Lucas Heights, transforming the area into a major regional sporting facility. Work began in 2000 with the area being treated, filled and compacted with 850,000 tonnes of clean fill.On the 4th September 2004 Illawong Little Athletics and Seniors made their third move in three decades from Buckle Reserve to The Ridge Athletics Track.

In January 2006 Illawong Little A’s was able to host its first ever Zone Championship which was a big task for the Centre but it also allowed us to showcase our new facility and was a huge success.

Where are we?

Address: Recreation Dr, off Old Illawarra Rd, Barden Ridge, NSW, 2234.

This track is surrounded by a huge sports complex which include 12 soccer/football fields, an 18 hole golf course, a golf driving range and 12 Netball Courts. All facilities are flood lit and the track has its own canteen and control room.